5 Best Women’s Tactical Pants for Work & Outdoor Activities

In the past decades of patriarchal society, women sat at home doing laundry, making sandwiches, and caring for their kids. Men, on the other hand, engaged in fun and exciting stuff besides providing for their families.

Today, women engage in similar activities as their partners. But they must update their wardrobes to manage some work and outdoor activities. Finding a good pair of pants can be a bigger challenge. There are many features and specs that one has to compare before getting a perfect pair.

Women’s tactical clothing is functional and durable. They are designed for a mission – tactical professionals – so they’re comfortable, and one can find a flattering fit. Many brands promise better performance, but picking the first and the next pairs takes time and effort.

Here are the things to consider when searching for tactical women’s clothing and the top five best tactical pants. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Women’s Tactical Clothing

Tactical women’s clothing is perfectly designed for police officers, FBI, military personnel, and SWAT teams. But paramedics, EMTs, and other first responders wear tactical pants because of their plethora of pockets and tough and trendy designs.

Because there are many tactical pants in the market, the following factors will help you select a cool pair of trousers.  


The best material for a pair of women’s tactical clothing should be soft, lightweight, and breathable. Such material makes you cooler during hot climates. Each fabric has its unique qualities. For instance, the Polyester blend is durable, cotton is lightweight, soft, and breathable, while the spandex blend stretches to allow movement.


To be comfortable, you must choose tactical pants with the right fit. The waistline shouldn’t be too loose or tight because it sits slightly higher than standard trousers to allow you to wear a belt and other gear. Its length should be suitable for your height.


Women buy tactical pants for many reasons, thus the need to find one with a practical pocket design. Some pants have knife pockets for those women who carry knives, hidden pockets for keeping valuable possessions, and large cargo pockets for large items.


Lightweight pants are more comfortable and don’t impede your movement. A stretchy fabric like spandex allows you to sit, squat, and run easily.


Tactical women’s clothing is cut for the job. They should be made to endure different environments. Ripstop fabric is one of the most durable materials because it’s tough and can resist rips and tears. On the other hand, polyester and cotton blends provide an excellent balance of comfort and durability.

Aside from being made from a suitable material and having the right fitting and pockets, tactical women’s pants have many technical modifications. These include ripstop fabric, double stitching, stain-repellant, and reinforced knees.  

5 Best Women’s Tactical Pants

Previously finding the best tactical women’s clothing took a lot of work because many brands targeted men. Today, you can find excellent tactical features in tactical pants and use them in your day-to-day life. These trousers are highly functional. Here are different types of tactical pants for your indoor and outdoor activities.

  1. Women’s Stryke Pants
  • These pants have hardcore tactical features, including:
  • The articulated knees allow you to squat without bunching up the area behind your knee.
  • The roomy gusseted construction offers a super roomy crotch area.
  • This pair of trousers has high-quality snaps and zippers.
  • The tac pant has 12 roomy pockets to keep your valuables.
  • They are made for outdoor use; thus, the Flex-Tac ripstop fabric is the main material.
  • Stryke pants have a Teflon finish, thus resistant to water, blood, mud, etc.

They have a great fitting thus comfortable for gunning and running.

  1. 5.11 Natasha Tight

These are awesome tactical leggings similar to what you wear to the gym. But these leggings help you to keep the tactical lifestyle covert.

Natasha tights offer you maximum movement because they’re stretchy, breathable sturdy belt loops, abrasion panels, and are super comfy. So they’re perfect for various outdoor activities, including workouts.

But the leggings lack many pockets that the majority of tactical pants have. But it has two zippered thigh pockets and a hidden waistband pocket.  

  1. La Police Gear

Finding women’s tactical clothing for the petite and slender can take time and effort. But LA Police Gear offers stretching tactical pants with a slim fit. The stretch fabric offers enough flexibility to bend and run without any restrictions.

The pants are made of polyester, so they remain in shape, while the cotton blend makes them breathable during hot weather. These pants are lightweight, and you can wear them with your gear. You won’t soak in water during a light rain because the drops run off the fabric instead of being absorbed.

They have deep pockets to allow you to store some gear. You can clip a knife, pen, or smaller items in the notched front pockets. The hoop and loop closure allows you to open the pockets with ease.  

  1. Under Armour Patrol Pants II

This is another perfect tactical women’s clothing for those who want to go hiking in different weather conditions. These tactical pants are  mostly made of polyester, which enables them to wick away moisture and leave you dry.

The tactical pants have side cargo pockets and a stitched-in elastic band to keep your gears in place when moving around.

The patrol pants II are quite snug around your hips and a bit baggy on the lower part in order to hide your boots. They will also not ride up when seated, while the stretchy waistband makes you comfortable when you bend over or maneuver. These paints are lightweight, so you can easily move around or run.

  1. MIER Women’s Quick Dry Cargo Pants

These pants are exceptionally tough and durable among all women’s tactical clothing. The miflex fabric is a bit stretchy to make you comfortable working on rough terrains. The DWR coating keeps you dry when light splashes of water land on you or when you sweat. The fabric also keeps you warm and dry when it rains or is cold.

The MIER female tactical pants have an elastic band on the sides to give extra comfort around the waist. Its pockets are incredibly deep to let you store different types of items. You can keep your gigantic smartphone in your thigh pockets and walk or squat without fear. The YKK zippers keep your valuables secure while moving.


The article has given you five different pants that are part of women’s tactical clothing. They’re made from tough, durable, breathable, stretchy materials that withstand extreme weather conditions. Their designs make you comfortable when running, walking, or squatting.

Feel free to shop whatever brand of tactical pants you like from the above list.

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