Gypsy King beats Chisora again

The famous Tyson Fury announced the end of his career a dozen times, but he always came back. And his retirement from boxing after his victory over Dillian Whyte turned out to be a splash. In just a few days, the Gipsy King will return to the ring to fight Derek Chisora. The fight between the two charismatic Brits will take place in London at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. There won’t be an official broadcast in Russia, but Championship will hold a text broadcast.

But why Chisora? The big man, nicknamed Del Boy, retired in time, but the offer from the Gypsy King made him come back. Makes sense: why not earn a few million he didn’t count on anymore? Yes, he’ll have to get kicked in the head by the best boxer of our time, but Chisora is not used to it. The 38-year-old has lost three of his last four fights and was always badly hurt. And now they’re going to pay big money for exactly the same thing. Not a bad business move.

Why aren’t we looking at the possibility of Chisora winning? Because the only thing that can save him is an unbelievable lackey punch, the probability of which is close to zero. Derek has aged a lot and, other than a strong jaw, can’t counter the Gypsy King with anything. What’s more, Chisora also knows Fury very well: Tyson had already beaten his compatriot twice before, and the second fight ended early. If Roma could not even surprise stalwart Dillian Whyte, Chisora has no case to answer. Even though the promoters are actively trying to put on a good face for a bad game right now.

Tyson Fury is considered to be the clear favorite in this fight, but you should not give him the victory for sure. This fight can be very spectacular and we can turn to sports online betting to make it even more interesting.

Fury, who has mental problems, is literally going crazy without boxing, as he himself recently admitted. Just a few months without training brings Tyson closer to the depression that used to haunt him so often. So Gipsy decided to get back in the ring, but he doesn’t want to stress as much as he could if an opponent like Usik or Wilder was waiting for him there. Well, that’s Fury’s right: especially since all the tickets for Chisora are already sold out. Even Taison’s fights are drawing a lot of interest, and isn’t that a success?

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