NetBaseQuid Drug Launch

NetBaseQuid is a consumer and market intelligence platform that enables brands, retailers, and public figures to view their consumer data in one place. Through NetBaseQuid, we offer a powerful suite of tools that enable companies to understand consumers and anticipate their needs more effectively for marketing and operational purposes. NetBaseQuid provides access to consumer data from millions of people across multiple industries worldwide through the most high-quality data set in the industry. Customer profiles are based on a deep understanding of who each person is and what motivates them with unique psychographic insights. Below are ways on how drug launch success by NetBaseQuid.

1. Understanding Patient Needs

If the right consumers do not know about the drug launch , it will never come to market. Patient needs and attitudes are leading factors in whether a patient will buy a medicine. NetBaseQuid’s patented methods use proprietary algorithms that can analyze more than 300,000 data points for each patient, which gives a direct indication of what topics and concerns matter to each person, which in turn helps the company understand market needs.

2. Targeting Drug Prescribers

NetBaseQuid’s patented methods allow you to reach the right prescribers and build a stronger relationship with them. We can identify prescribers who are most likely to prescribe a particular drug and segment these prescribers into different types or personalities using our patented psychographic profiling technology. This helps in understanding which prescribers are essential in prescribing drugs effectively.

3. Providing Good Customer Service

When a company can understand the needs of consumers, it will make it easier for them to provide good customer service. NetBaseQuid’s unique patented psychographic profiling technology allows us to determine how people are likely to react to different situations. This helps in knowing which situations need responses and what responses are effective in the process. We augment that by matching these customers with brand marketing teams and sales reps that can provide the right experience and specific offers at the right time.

4. Tracking Marketing Performance

Companies need access to data beyond traditional demographics and psychographics to understand how well a marketing campaign has been performing. NetBaseQuid’s patented psychographic profiling method allows companies to see how people feel about specific marketing campaigns or products and why they feel that way. This information helps identify opportunities and determine what promotions are most likely to resonate with consumers.

5. Monitoring Patient Sentiment

The NetBaseQuid platform gives companies unprecedented insight into the overall sentiment of the patient community. NetBaseQuid’s patented psychographic technology can measure what patients say about a drug and why they feel that way. Therefore, companies can use this insight to understand better how a drug is doing among their audience.

6. Comparing Competing Products

If a company wants to compare its current product with competitors, NetBaseQuid’s patented methods will help them determine which one has the best potential for success. We achieve this by looking at a myriad of factors that are unique to each product, such as what questions and concerns each of the consumer groups has about a particular effect, the type of communication that people like and dislike, and how much time they spend researching on a specific topic.

7. Streamlining Product Launches

Companies are now becoming more and more focused on how they can make their product launches more effective. It is essential that they take a data-driven approach as it will help them understand their customers’ needs better and make better decisions. Companies can use NetBaseQuid’s patented psychographic profiling technology to understand what people feel about their products or marketing campaigns and why theyfeel that way.

NetBaseQuid’s patented technology is scalable and can provide companies with the most accurate and comprehensive data set for their marketing needs. Our psychographic profiling offers in-depth insight into how consumers feel about various brands, products, and services. This provides a better understanding of the market needs of companies, thus allowing them to offer more relevant solutions that are likely to work in natural-world settings.

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